CAREPORTAL® is a Class IIa Medical Device grade piece of equipment which conforms to MDD (European Medical Device Directive), and was specifically designed to meet the needs of users with a range of physical and mental abilities. CAREPORTAL® is a portable multi-media Android based device designed to address the wider requirements of the ageing population.

ECG measurement
ECG measurement

It is a fully capable telehealth monitor that enables the recording of daily clinical, life style and quality of life data, as well as the delivery of appropriate condition-specific information to educate patients and assist them to manage their conditions more effectively.

With ageing comes social isolation, frequently caused by bereavement, fragmented families and the digital divide. Ageing is often accompanied by long-term conditions, dementia and a gradually deteriorating ability to perform the activities of daily living. These are the design factors behind CAREPORTAL® which recognise the correlation of long-term conditions, age and socio-economic factors.

  • Simple, robust and easy to use.
  • Large colour touchscreen display and user interface.
  • Front and rear cameras serving point-to-point video connections, video messaging and photos, e.g. of a wound or an oedema.
  • Two way text, audio and video messaging.
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, GPRS or 3G, and conventional phone line connectivity.
  • Intelligent cradle – a docking station with added features such as connectivity, product add-ons and charging, eliminating user concerns about needing to plug the device in.
  • Always ‘on’ feature (even in sleep mode) enables carers to send an audible medication reminder if required or necessary.

Key features and functions:

Patient communicating with nurse
Patient communicating with nurse
  • Measures vital signs and records symptomatic, quality of life, life style information and medication concordance.
  • Can also be used for a range of independent living applications and techniques to ameliorate social isolation and loneliness i.e. not purely for health but ‘whole person’ requirements as well.
  • Records Lead I ECG, heart rate, and measures heart rate variability without the need for wires/leads – the patient simply holds the unit in their hands and CAREPORTAL® does the rest.
  • Bio-impedance measurements monitor blood flow and breathing rate.
  • Other physiological signal and measurement options are available.
  • Built-in on-demand patient education content to inform patients about their conditions.
  • Multi-user capabilities to enable care home and nursing homes the ability to manage all their clients with just one or two devices.
  • As a medical device, CAREPORTAL® is supported for up to 5 years from the date it is purchased and is available for either rental or capital purchase.
  • Extended warranty option – Docobo offers extended warranties from the end of the first year onwards.